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How to get started

Creating an account on is required to place any orders on this site. When creating an account please make sure the following information is added on your account.

  • Name on your account must match the name of the credit/debit card on your account to avoid issues from the websites fraud protection service. Avoid using nicknames on your account.

  • A valid Email and Phone Number must be added on your account to receive updates on your orders.

  • An address must be added to your account even if your order is for store pick up. Failure to add an address on your account can result on your order getting rejected by the websites fraud protection service.

  • Credit/Debit card must be added on your account. Billing address must be included whenever adding a Credit/Debit card on your account.
How do I place an order for in-store pick up?
  • Store Pick Up can be selected at checkout under order info.

  • You must also select a pick up date and time for your order.

  • Please include a phone number so you may get updates on your order via sms. You will get an e-mail and sms notification once your order is ready.
What do I need to pick up my order?
  • A valid drivers license or government issued photo ID.

  • Order Email, Order SMS or Order Number.

What if I want someone else to pick up my order?
  • Please include the full name of the person picking up your order under Order Notes located in the Order Info section under your pick up date selection.

    Cancelled Orders.
    • In the event the customer initiates cancellation of order or is not picked up within a week of pick up date selected, a restocking fee of 10% will be applied