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We do not take any Keg Orders online. To place a Keg Order please give us a call at (323)266-2337 or visit our Beverage Center Location.


How far in advance can I place a keg order?

- We take Keg orders up to 2 weeks in advance from the date you require it.


Can I order a keg that shows up out of stock on the website?

- To check availability please give us a call at (323)266-2337.


How long is a keg rental for?

- Keg rentals are for 5 days not including the day you pick-up/receive your keg.


What kind of equipment comes with my Keg rental?

- No equipment comes with a keg unless you add it on to your order.

Add on Options: Keg with Pump, Keg Combo and more.


Do you rent out Jockey Boxes and for how long?

- We carry 1 and 2 tap jockey boxes and the rental is for 3 days.


Do you offer any Keg Combos?

- We offer Party Combos which include a Keg of your choice, Pump, Bucket and 20lb bag of ice.


How Can I find out the full price for a keg and equipment?

- Please call us at (323)266-2337 and one of our sales associates will assist you.


Are there any deposits?

- Each keg requires a $40 deposit. Any equipment you add to your order also require a

deposit. For full list of deposits give us a call at (323)266-2337.


Do I get my deposits back?

- Deposits are refunded to the customer once the Keg and/or equipment is returned

within the rental period.


Are there any late fees?

- Late fees start once your rental period has expired. A $5 late fee is accrued for each late



What if I bought/Rented a Keg but I didn't use/tap it?

- There is no refunds or exchanges on unused kegs. If you had an issue with your keg please

contact us at (323)266-2337.